Empowering people to know that they know. Are you looking for a different way of changing what is not working in your life?

Access tools and processes have changed my life enormously. Before I discovered Access Bars (an energy process that releases stress) I was a broken lady.

Would you like to discover how easy it is? Do you have relationship problems? Anger? Anxiety? Depression? Headaches? Upsets? Body issues? Health issues? Job troubles? Scarcity issues? Stress? All of these and more can be changed easily using the processes of Access Consciousness.

Would you like a session over the phone or in person? Would you be interested in learning these energies? The beauty of energy work is you don’t use your mind to figure it out, which means that you access your own awareness. Changing energy just requires that you choose to change.

  • My services include:
    MTVSS (an access consciousness process) for the immune system.
    MTVSS for the whole body (fibromyalgia, exhaustion etc), for more vitality.
    Access energetic facelift for beauty without botox.
    Body processes for relaxing the body and releasing pain.
    Access bars for releasing stress and changing your perspective on life.
    Advanced access classes for changing your whole life.
    All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy & Glory

Chrissy Shirley
[email protected]
022 1877 313
Also at Infinity Spiritual Centre Hamilton