Bernadette works both in person and remotely for you and your animal.

“There are many ways I can support you, no matter what you’re going through and where you are on your spiritual path.”

For You:

Bernadette is dedicated to supporting you in realigning to your empowered self to overcome blocks, illuminate hidden pathways, bring clarity to a specific situation or seed the potential for positive change and inspiration for your Journey as a whole. 

Sacred Journey Guidance

If you’re experiencing physical discomfort, feel stressed, stuck or confused, have low energy, feel joyless, or just somehow, for some reason, feel less than amazing; this powerful session could benefit you. 

Craniosacral Therapy

A non-manipulative, deep healing modality that works to reverse the debilitating effects of stress, both physical and emotional.

Energy Clearing 

A gentle but powerful way to release tension unconsciously carried forward from your past, while neutralising and clarifying the energy within your immediate field that directly influences you and those around you. 

Chakra Balancing 

A no-touch approach in which the 7 main chakras are gently checked, monitored and realigned.  

For Your Pets: 

Utilising her healing skills combined with inter-species communication, Bernadette can support your animals with: 

  • general communication
  • increasing quality of life
  • general health and wellbeing
  • specific injuries and ailments 
  • behaviour resolution 
  • rehabilitation after injury
  • connection with deceased pets 

“I’m devoted to being the clearest channel for the sharing of information between you and your animals.”

Bernadette Marama Gavin

Author, Healer, Animal Whisperer

Bernadette – Energy Clearing
022 383 2159