Vicki works intuitively with different vibrational energy healing methods to support you, to clear blockages and dense energy held in your body, mind and emotions. This enables you to come into harmony, balance and healing, and feel more empowered and energised.

I have worked with the First Light flower essences since 2006. I have seen shifts and changes within both myself and clients as the vibrational healing chord within each native NZ plant creates healing and harmony within our energy fields in a gentle yet dynamic way.”

Each plant came forward with its own healing vibration to harmonise negative personality, attitudes, feelings, traumas and belief patterns that are held in the subconscious mind.

I intuitively choose a selection of essences for each person and then pass on any messages that come through. Each bottle lasts for a month with drops taken each day. These essences also work really well for children and pets.

I also offer Usui Reiki treatments which include sound healing with Tibetan bowls, light language and toning.

Reiki is able to relieve stress, anxiety, muscle tension, remove energy blocks, promote deep relaxation, strengthen the immune system and foster natural self-healing.

Channeled light language clears blocks and distortions in your energy, bypassing the logical mind to speak directly to your physical and spiritual bodies. I am guided by my guides, archangels and ascended masters and also the crystals that I work with regularly.

I work from Infinity crystal shop on Wednesday and Thursday and from home in Hamilton East by appointment.

Vicki Winn
021 163 8850
Also at Infinity Spiritual Centre Hamilton