The Feldenkrais Method® (pronounced FELL-den-krice, rhymes with “rice”) belongs to the field of somatic education.

It uses gentle movement and directed attention to help people learn new and more effective ways of doing what they like. In plain terms, it’s an easy way to reduce pain and be more in control; the movements involved are often slow, gentle and safe.

The health benefits are muscular ease, increased vitality, fewer pain meds, but also mental wellbeing and better self-care.

It is taught through group classes (Awareness Through Movement®) or individual hands-on sessions (Functional Integration®).

My journey towards becoming a Feldenkrais® practitioner started from the desire to help my child who had had a stroke at just 40 days old. While originally I’ve been looking for ways to support children with special needs and their families, I now love taking care of mums at any stage of their mothering journey. I am also fascinated by all things brain, and in my work with people living with persistent pain, I combine gentle movement, skilled touch and pain science education.

I teach group classes in Hamilton, including Pregnant Pauses® and Pelvic Floor workshops, and offer private sessions in Gordonton and Hamilton.

Alina Komnatnaya
Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner
Member of the Feldenkrais® Guild NZ
Pain science educator
021 029 439 35