I have been in practice as a natural therapist since 1998, treating a variety of complaints which include headaches, back pain, sciatic discomfort, knee and ankle aches, occupation overuse syndrome and foot problems.

It was in the process of this work that I developed a very soothing, non-invasive technique that is based on the principle that gentle persuasion is more effective than heavy muscle manipulation.

I have found that by being able to integrate my natural healing ability with my other modalities, disciplines and principles I am now able to offer a complementary and non-invasive holistic healing and accelerated recovery process.

Although my experience and practice was based firmly with people, I began to receive enquiries from small and large animal pet owners requesting assistance with various health issues which had arisen with their animals.

From there my animal practice grew to an extent where I now assist dogs, cats, horses and even the odd cow in my refined body adjustment therapy.

Quinn Fogg
[email protected]
FB: Onida Health Clinic
022 047 8466
Also at Infinity Spiritual Centre Hamilton