I love playing around with wholefoods, creating nutrient rich dishes. Adding in beyond organic supplements are essential and now part of our TRUE health regime.

As all life is Resonance, Frequency and Vibration, I implement these Health tools (supplements) that use a unique patented technology, Advanced Resonant Plasma (ARP) Technology. These three modalities are permanently charged into these Health tools to uplift one’s emotional state (as most dis-ease originates from the emotional body), while nourishing and harmonizing the emotional and physical body for rejuvenation.

I am eternally grateful I have these Health modalities available, which we are never without and are truly ahead of their time! Bless our Beloved Creator, The Powers of Nature for the Miraculous Planet and Body Temple we have been gifted.

Playing with Plasma Fields!

While experimenting with GANS (Gas in Atomic Nano State), we have created great success in our orchard (bountiful fruit) using different elements for their health.

With that success, I have created our Wearable ’Vessels of Light’.

Each Vessel emanates Magnetic and Gravitational fields. Your body is a sea of plasma (fields), self-selective, intelligent and will select the fields from the Vessel it needs for added health support.

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Kathy Just
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Blessing you with Legions of Light!