Diana has over 40 years experience in providing readings to guide people in their lives. She is a deep seer and can reflect unseen parts of you back to you.

Diana is a truth seeker and has studied various forms of numerology, syncretism, and galactic life forms. If you are at a crossroads in life, feeling lost and confused about which direction to take, or need clarity on love, work, health or finances, then a reading with Diana will be highly valuable to you.

Diana’s services include:

Psychic readings (30 or 60 minutes

Using several divinatory tools including Tarot and Oracle cards, and the significance of your numbers and chemicals in this lifetime to decode why you are here. During a reading, messages come through from loved ones and Diana’s spiritual team. If you are concerned about energy attachments, Diana can see these and advise.

Death transition

If you have questions about a loved one who is in the final stages of their life, then Diana can support you because she has first-hand experience of losing her son and supporting him with his transition to the light.

She also supports the Ascended Masters to transition in and out of Earthly life and this is one of her remarkable spiritual talents.

If you need guidance from a supportive and authentic reader with advanced spiritual gifts then book now.

Diana Innes
[email protected]
027 313 1747
Sessions via Zoom or Skype
Also at Infinity Spiritual Centre Hamilton