“Who are you? I am. We are.” Realignment with the self – what do you need?

Would you like more passion in your life? Would you like to gain access to the vibrational, emotional and eternal being that you are? One that enjoys relaxing into the flow of your creation?

Personalized sessions, healings, retreats and workshops are just some of my passions. Learn how to create, maintain and enjoy a steady, neverending, constantly unfolding path of new ideas and adventures.

I am a spiritual life coach and healer who uses a diverse range of modalities, such as the Akashic records, card readings, channelling, energy and Quantum healing modalities, Quantum alchemy, color therapy, visualization, intentions, meditation and breathwork, and Access Bars.

With all of these tools I am equipped and continually expanding! I look forward to connecting with you! 

Quartney Pretorius
Exchange for time: (remote & in person)
$80 per 30min or $120 per 60min.
text 021 0888 9004 to book a free
15min consultation call!
Also at Infinity Spiritual Centre Hamilton