I am medium and a healer. Coming from a long line of mediums going back generations, it has been so nice to have the support growing and learning my gifts.

Often people require a healing to enable them to move forward or to receive clear guidance. I work with cards in my readings and healings, often combining both depending on what a person needs.

My readings are done intuitively using messages from spirit, helped along with what I can see in the cards. I check for energy flow through the body and find areas that need focusing on.

Cards and crystals guide and assist in healing. My goal for everyone is to leave feeling refreshed and comforted with a sense of peace and understanding.

In between this breath and another is where our Hearts find the stillness within the song of the Universe.
This is where I will greet you with love’s embrace.
Whispering our truth, I am not over there, I am here, right where you sit, be present with me and receive my gift.
I am as close as your next breath.
Feel with me, remember your Light, Listen without judgement.
Seeing from within, our hidden faces, hearing our silent message, surrender to her voice.
Bringing you home to Spirit. So you will know there is only this.
– Written for me by Sue Rhodes

Carolyn Fox
021 453 304
FB: Tranquil Light – Carolyn Fox
Insta: tranquil_light_carolyn_fox
Also at Infinity Spiritual Centre Hamilton