An upbeat kinda girl, journeying through life on a spiritual tide. It makes me feel alive to help others be more aware of their limitless possibilities.

  • I can support you on your journey with:
    Yoga – for all levels and to your body’s capabilities
    Guided Meditations – Lunch times and Full Moon meditations
    Therapeutic and Sports massage

Therapeutic and Sports massage has physical, mental and emotional benefits. It will help reduce the effects of long term illnesses, relieve muscle tension, improve clarity, lower anxiety, helps to reduce injury, energizing, and is great for mental health

Massage not only supports muscle repair and decreases risk of injury, but also improves circulation and wards off stress. A good massage can restore mobility to injured muscle tissue and reduce fatigue. This allows you to work harder with more efficiency.

I am looking forward to working with you on your health and wellbeing journey. Please feel free to contact me.

Angela Kerkhof
[email protected]
022 173 9986
Also at Infinity Spiritual Centre Hamilton