I’m Candy and I am an Intuitive Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach and Abstract Artist. My connection with spirit comes through the inspiration of nature, oracle cards, chakras, music and all forms of creativity.

Through Reiki and Spiritual Life Coaching I blend a balance of structure, energy and creativity to create powerful tools to support you in building a strong relationship with yourself and your own inner guidance.

My work supports heart centred, sensitive souls to transform people pleasing, self-sacrificing, codependent tendencies into personal power, passion and purpose.

As sensitive, empathic souls we often put ourselves last and find ourselves trying to take care of everyone else at our own expense. True leaders/healers must walk the path of liberation first by learning to take care of and priortising themselves. Then from a place of overflow and nourishment you can step into being of service and supporting others on their journeys in the most aligned and powerful way.

My goal is to liberate you from burnout, reconnect you to what lights up your heart and soul and teach you how to deeply love and accept yourself. From this place, you’ll shine your unique light and gifts into every aspect of your life and transform those around you by living as your most authentic self.

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to get started, I’m currently offering in person Reiki sessions in Saint Andrews, Hamilton. To book a Reiki session with me, head to: https://CandyLove.as.me/
Until we meet;
Sending you loads of love,

Candy Love
027 239 0604