Sunflower Oracle Wellness Network – Directories

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Many healers and practitioners provide services across a range of modalities.
Below are the descriptions of the classifications we have used in our Directories.

Animal Healing – also known as whisperers, plus animals used in healing.

Bio-Energy Manipulation – using the energy system to create change physically, including reflexology, contact care.

Device Based – devices and objects as the primary focus, including tarot, sound healing, light therapy, ozone therapy, float therapy, acupuncture.

Mental and Emotional Healing – assisting change, including psychology, NLP, Journey work, meditation.

Mind Body Integration – achieving change by through movement, including yoga, Nia dance, Thai yoga, somatic movement, ecstatic dance.

Physical Movement – achieving either physical or bio-energy change, including holistic personal training, tai chi, yoga, Qi gong.

Psychic Mediumship – providing readings.

Reiki – from rei (universal) and ki (life energy), to remove blocks and increase energy flow.

Retreats / Workshops – including day and multi-day, live-in or non-residential.

Skeletal Manipulation – achieving physical change, including chiropractors, osteopaths, cranial sacral therapy.

Soft Tissue Manipulation – achieving physical change, including most forms of massage.

Substance Based – using natural healing and health products to encourage physical change, including aromatherapy, natural mum and baby products.

Subtle Energy – focusing on changing the energy system, including Reiki, healing touch, access bars.

Shop/Cafe – retail outlet focussing on health and wellness

Business Service – products or services to suit health and wellness healers and practitioners


Although we have separated our Directories by Location for initial ease of access, many healers and practitioners work in more than one location. Those details are in their profile pages.

Online Services

Due to the effect of Lockdowns, we asked healers and practitioners to provide specific information on which services they provide online. You will see an ONLINE OPTIONS annotation in the information cards for each person who has provided updated information.

Directories Update

With the many changes caused by Covid and then floods and then Cyclone Gabrielle, we are in the process of updating the Directories for all regions.