“What is for you will not pass you. Sometimes when you do nothing it is everything
you need.”

My experience with Christina was WOW!!! Prior to the appointment Christina took my date, time and place of birth to create my own personal astrology chart.

Nursing a lovely cup of immunity tea and comfortable in Christina’s space, she began to tell me about my personality based on the information in my chart. I had never met Christina in person before this session and the information about my personality that she gained from my astrology chart had me answering yes, yes, yes every time Christina asked, “does this sound like you?”

Astrological ChartNot only was she able to describe my personality and challenges when I was a child, she also provided some reassurance about how I handle life. For example with my ascendant in Taurus I don’t like change and can be very stuck in my own ways and it was reassuring to hear that that is who I am and that will balance with the higher percentage of Air element in my chart.

I also learnt a lot about the past five years as well as the next two years and which areas of my health to look out for. Christina is very detailed in her medical astrology and what to be aware of, look out for and when to work hard in certain areas of your health. She even picked up one of my medical conditions from my chart.

I would have liked to stay for a full hour and a half session as the information I was getting was helpful, reassuring and valuable. It was very helpful to voice record my session which I would recommend to everyone as I have already listened to it twice and written down copious notes and reminders. Her space was inviting and her directness and honesty was an asset to her craft. I would highly recommend working with Christina or attending one of her workshops/trainings in your own personal astrology or how to become an astrologist.

Q&A with Christina

What services do you offer?

I will give knowledge and insight into the following areas: business, career, finances, relationship, elective surgery, health, travel, soul direction, and fertility.

Specialising in Medical Astrology, I use this methodology to identify and treat psychological, emotional, medical, and spiritual symptoms that progress to disease if left untreated.

Why is this work so important to you?

This work fuels my passion and still enables me to work in the field of health extending my experience as a Registered Nurse of 35 years.

Christina Richter – Astrological ConsultantCould you tell us how your interest in astrology began?

Like all amazing things in your life, purely by accident. My stepmother used to read her astrology every day which piqued my interest. I took a correspondence course in Astrology 101 and did so well that my teacher asked me to move to Melbourne so he could teach me. I didn’t go in the end and ended up doing Level 2 to Level 4 in one year and once I was hooked I learned as much as I could on all various subjects related to astrology. I studied under some amazing teachers.

What obstacles did you face to get to where you are now and how did you overcome them?

I did all my studies on my own terms and made sure I had a job (nursing) that paid for all my studies and travels related to astrology. This process took many years.

Who should seek Astrobach as a holistic wellness technique?

I offer a service called Astrobach which looks at your birth chart and relates them to the Bach Flowers which is suitable for your body constitution. It is excellent for children, they love it, and works well for mental and emotional issues.

Could you share a well-being tip with the community?

Get a Vitamin D blood test. Vitamin D is the new Vitamin C. A low Vitamin D is often related to autism, heart condition, bone condition, and immune disorders.

This vitamin is often overlooked and most people believe they get enough from the sun which is not usually the case.

If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be?

What is for you will not pass you.

Sometimes when you do nothing it is everything you need.

– Experience and Q&A by Vicki Shannon