“Live life the way you feel is right for you!”

Recently it was my pleasure to experience a tarot/oracle card reading and astrology reading with Stacy Sadler at Infinity Spiritual Centre on Anglesea street. This was synchronistic timing as I entered this session with unanswered questions about a few things going on in my life at that precise moment.

I instantly felt comfortable with Stacy who began by drawing four cards about the energy around me at that moment. The cards were reassuring and insightful, providing information about the type of person I am and reassurance that things are all positive in my life at this moment. She then asked me if I wanted to focus on an event for the next set of cards she drew. I said yes and the cards provided clarity, comfort and awareness.

Each deck of cards had different images and meanings. The Oracle deck was more general and the tarot deck provided more depth.

In the second part of the session Stacy looked at my astrology chart in comparison to my partner.

Astrology is not just your star sign, it also provides information on the way you communicate (Mercury), feel love (Venus) and take action (Mars). This was really interesting as I learnt more about the way my partner and I think, feel and act, and the differences between us.

Always thinking I was a stubborn Aries ram that dives straight in, it was nice to learn about my Piscean dreamer imaginative side and the Libran importance of balance.

The combination of astrology with the Oracle/Tarot reading was a perceptive and intuitive reading that I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone who is interested or would like some guidance.

Q&A with Stacy Sadler

What services do you offer?

I offer Tarot and Oracle readings, which are specific to your needs or questions (on love, relationships, career, money, health, personal growth, etc) – anything you need guidance on! As well as Beginner/Advanced Tarot courses, which help others who are wanting to start their journey as a Tarot reader.

I also practise astrology/interpreting birth charts, which can explore your personality/your Divine path and how you can move forward understanding more about how you tick … what you’re best suited to in this lifetime!

Myself and another lovely lady also run a class called ‘Living Light’ at Infinity Spiritual Centre which is a beautiful group that meets fortnightly and is an amazing social spiritual experience.

Astrology chart by StacyWhy is this work so important to you?

I have always had a pull towards spirituality, holistic healing, and diving deeper into more than what we ‘see’. I feel like this is such an important thing for everyone to incorporate into their life (in a big or small way), to help enhance our experiences and have more understanding of this crazy ride we call life!

Could you tell us about how your interest in holistic healing began?

As mentioned, I have always been connected to spirituality since I was a little girl, although back then I was unaware of how I could incorporate it/express it in daily life.

It wasn’t until I was 27 (when my Saturn return hit me, lol) that my spiritual journey really kicked off. At the time I was working in the fitness industry/bodybuilding, and while it was fun for a while, I knew something wasn’t right and that there was a better way to heal and work with our mind/bodies/spirits.

I spontaneously moved over to Sydney, Australia and all of a sudden was drawn towards Tarot, Reiki and other spiritual studies and through a number of ‘coincidental’ or Divine plan experiences! I met some amazing teachers who helped guide me in this direction – and from then it’s snowballed into what I feel like I’m meant to be doing.

What obstacles did you face to get to where you are now and how did you overcome them?

I don’t feel as though I’ve had to overcome too many obstacles. Luckily everyone around me has been very supportive and accepting of who I am!

I feel like the biggest thing I’ve had to overcome though was believing that I could do this work – we are so led to believe that the mundane 40+ hours per week job/lifestyle is what is needed to survive and succeed, and that is not true. Everyone is meant to be doing a job that they LOVE to do, and I’m so happy and grateful that I’m doing this work that gives to others and fills my cup.

Stacy Sadler, hamilton, NZWho should seek Tarot, Oracle and Astrology as a holistic wellness technique?

Absolutely anyone! If you feel drawn to having a reading/taking a class with me then I would love to chat with you!

Could you share a wellbeing tip with the community?

Nature has everything you need – make sure you’re regularly going on nature walks and working with the elements – Air, Water, Earth, Fire – it’s honestly the best for your wellbeing! Also, always remember that you’re abundant – the Universe is never lacking and is always supporting you.

If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be

I would give her the biggest cuddle of support and tell her to live life the way she feels is right for her!

– Experience and Q&A by Vicki Shannon