Are you ready to unburden your mind and thoughts?

Let go the stuff that is defining you.

Imagine that voice in your head that says you’re not good enough and you cannot have what you want.

Access Bars and body processes can help mute and delete that voice mind chatter and thoughts – that no longer serve you and your physical and emotional health – to help you create a better life.

It’s like deleting the hard drive.

Gail Worthington’s years of training and experience can help you move forward with more ease and joy.

Every session is different, and clients of all ages report a sense of increased energy, peace and relaxation, and creativity .

Book a session and try for yourself.

Are you ready for more !

Gail Worthington

Emotional Wellness Coach

Facebook: Trulybe


Event special

Napier Matariki Wellness Market special price $80 (normally $120)

July 14 /15 /15 – 10am until 4pm