At Hair Test for Health, we use hair testing as a unique way of identifying dietary and environmental sensitivities, mineral imbal- ances and heavy metal toxicity to help us evaluate your health.

This non-invasive test, together with a na- turopathic consultation, is suitable for the whole family, from babies to grandparents.

Hair Test for HealthThe information gathered allows us to de- termine possible factors contributing to ill- health. We formulate a personalised health plan with you to balance your body and sup- port you on your journey to well-being. This can involve nutritional and lifestyle advice, herbal medicines, supplements, Bach flowers and other natural therapies.

Hair Test for Health can help with issues in- cluding: allergies, blood sugar levels, chronic fatigue, digestive discomfort, hyperactivity, inflammation, joint pain, learning difficulties, migraine/headaches, mood swings and skin conditions.

Let us support you to re-balance your health.

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