“I treat what I find.”

Glenda Ruddenklau, CranioSacral Therapy

Glenda was friendly and welcoming after my two hour drive from Hamilton. I felt instantly at ease and her intuition spoke volumes when she identified pain in my lower back and head (I had had a headache all day that would not ease) before asking any questions of me.

Glenda worked by placing her hands on different parts of my body and combining Reiki and CranioSacral techniques to release trauma and emotions stored in the cells. She identified some emotional issues I was carrying (stored in the heart chakra) and grief (stored in the hips).

Using gentle pressure and the warmth of Reiki she began to release this tension. My legs began to twitch when she was working on my hips and it felt like a weight was lifted by the end of this part of the treatment!

At all times Glenda was gentle and soothing. I felt like I had known her my whole life and could easily share past traumas and emotional experiences which assisted her in the healing. When Glenda worked on my head, using the CranioSacral techniques (gentle pressure on points in the ear and at the bottom of my skull), I felt weightless and the pressure headache I had experienced all day began to ease.

Upon completion of the one hour session Glenda provided me with an informative brochure about what to expect over the next three days. She also explained the process and areas that were especially difficult and would require more work.

This helped to make me feel more comfortable with the healing I had just received and interested in experiencing more.

Afterwards I felt light and free. I would recommend this gentle restorative treatment for all. It is especially beneficial for babies and young children. Glenda’s manner is professional, comforting and supportive all at the same time.

Q&A with Glenda

What services do you offer?

CranioSacral therapy and Reiki energy healing. The two modalities work seamlessly together and there is a large measure of intuitive healing. I specialise in something called SomatoEmotional Release (bodymind healing), and also CranioSacral for Pediatrics working with babies and children.

Why is this work so important to you?

So many people just can’t find relief from uncomfortable symptoms or poor health, and it is so rewarding to work in a very holistic way to improve their physical, emotional and mental health. It is so nice to be working in a non-invasive and safe way that can give so much improvement for even the most vulnerable or frail clients. People find it an uplifting and relaxing experience.

Could you tell us about how your interest in holistic healing/craniosacral therapy/Reiki began?

A very long search for improvement in my own health led to much reading, research, trial and error. Eventually when I came across Reiki and CranioSacral therapy I found something that transformed my own health and energy in the most amazing way. I am still very motivated to pass the benefit on to other people.

What obstacles did you face to get to where you are now and how did you overcome them?

Well the obvious ones of difficulty finding the health and energy to do anything, and then 25 years ago people’s mentality was much less accepting of the holistic, complementary field of medicine. However I never let that put me off my journey and happily people are much more open-minded now.

Who should people seek cranial sacral therapy as a holistic wellness technique?

It would be my first port of call for unwellness of so many kinds, because CranioSacral gets gently in amongst all the physiological and neurological systems in the body. It will free up soft tissue, realign the skeletal element, improve function of the nervous system, balance the glandular system, lower stress, raise immunity, help chronic pain – and that’s before we even start talking about emotional healing!

For specific conditions people can have a read on my website.

I do love that it is a safe, gentle, effective treatment from newborns to the elderly.

Could you share a wellbeing tip with the community?

Listen to your inner wisdom when it comes to your body and your health. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to nutrition and health. Do be informed, read, listen – and remember the greatest expert on us – is us!

If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be?

Don’t second-guess or doubt yourself. Trust your intuition and keep moving forward with peace and courage.

– Experience and Interview by Vicki Shannon