Access Conscious Bars are 32 points on your head that hold the energetic imprint of everything you’ve ever thought, believed, said, been told, felt or experienced. Holding each point gently for a few minutes releases those charges and allows you to relax and let go. 

It’s a bit like rebooting your computer when it has slowed down or frozen because you’ve had too many windows open.

Bars can really help when:

  • You’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed.
  • You’re tired all day but as soon as you lie down to sleep your brain goes into overdrive.
  • You just can’t relax or quiet your mind.
  • You can’t focus for any length of time

Having your Bars run is relaxing and peaceful, and can create a sense of ease, calm and spaciousness in your mind.

I have been a Bars practitioner for over 6 years now. I really love this work and seeing the benefits it can bring as we navigate these often stressful times.  

Sessions usually take around an hour and cost $60, with your first trial session half price.

I look forward to meeting you.

– Meredith Youngson

Meredith – Access Bars
021 563 143