The Aura camera is the IES Aura Cloud system, which interprets aura-chakra energy by taking electronic readings of your hand.

Aura imaging software processes the data from the hand reading and translates it into visually-engaging graphs and charts.

With this technology, plus my 16 years of interpreting Aura Photos, the session will highlight what is most important in your life at this moment.

Sessions potentially cover topics such as your personality type, what your colours mean for you, areas of learning that would assist your growth, and your chakra energy levels.

You will receive a single photo provided at the time of session, plus 14 pages of details via email. Choose between a 30 min or 60 min session.

Also Available: Animal Alignment / Business Coaching / Reiki Workshops.

Steve Mullan
022 484 3585
Also at Infinity Spiritual Centre Hamilton