Incorporating western medical knowledge and eastern traditional understanding is a beautiful interplay which allows a holistic approach to health and working with somebody.

Autumn Falk, Katikati, TaurangaWorking from my Yurt Space in rural Katikati, I offer:

  • Medical Herbalism
    Naturopathic consultation
    Shiatsu Bodywork

People I work with know that they can trust me and that they are in a safe place. While working with someone I make sure I meet the many layers of self.

Looking at, and guiding someone to improve health, encompasses all aspects of a whole person and is a journey of meeting someone authentically.

I feel called to empower people to be in charge of their wellbeing.

There are many ways to do that:

  • Herbs to help you on your path.
    Medicinal herbs that support your physical complaints which can be taken alongside pharmaceuticals if needed.
    Assistance to make lifestyle and diet changes.
    Intuitive guidance for your healing journey

Healing touch through Shiatsu Bodywork that gifts you relaxation, presence, helps you to move energetic blockages or stagnations, and warms & softens you where needed

I am interested to meet you and find ways to guide you to follow and reach your highest dreams.

Autumn Falk
phone: 027-2931430