Sacred Journey Guidance

Using a combination of healing modalities from her tool kit, this session provides a powerful intuitive space where Bernadette connects with whispers of your past, present and potential to help you resolve blocks, uncover hidden pathways and solutions, bringing insight and clarity to specific situations, while also seeding the potential for positive change and inspiration for your Journey as a whole.

Bernadette Works Both In Person and Remotely for You and Your Animals

1:1 Spiritual Mentorship

Sometimes transformation is instantaneous.

At other times it may take longer to initiate, integrate and then sustain the changes we are looking for.

This premier online or in person Mentorship experience is tailored to suit your unique needs. It’s designed to meet you where you’re at right now, to redefine your highest dreams, to assist you in the easiest way to get there and to fully support your process of becoming.

“Gentle, radiant, powerful, profound.”

Animal Whispering

Utilising her healing skills combined with inter-species communication, Bernadette can support your animals with:

  • increased quality of life
  • restoring health and wellbeing
  • behaviour resolution
  • relief from specific injuries and ailments
  • relationship building
  • reconnection with deceased pets

“There are many ways I can support you, no matter what you’re going through and where you are on your spiritual path.”

Bernadette Marama Gavin
Author, Healer, Animal Whisperer
022 383 2159