Astrology is the art of timing. Your horoscope is your personal GPS that guides you in life. Receiving insight into your horoscope will reveal the blueprint of your plan of life. It opens windows to a deeper understanding of your psyche and the effect planets have on you and why. This information will assist you in making choices that best serve you.

Astrology is this unravelling of the wonders of your birth chart to show the potential it holds for you, your own embedded treasure map. It awakens you to the present and prepares you for the future.

Christina is an experienced intuitive international consulting astrologer, acclaimed author, radio host and healer who answers life questions with guidance, wisdom and spiritual connection.

She uses Medical Astrology, Metaphysics, Ayurveda, Colour Therapy, Metaphysics and Stress Management as tools in her practice. Christina gives knowledge and insight into the following areas – business, career, financial, relationship, elective surgery, health, past lives, soul direction and fertility.

Hawkes Bay person to person.

Nationwide/ International via skype, zoom, messenger, phone and email.

Availability by appointment only. Monday to Saturday 10am–5pm.

Christina Richter

Bookings via email are essential to enable Christina to prepare your chart before your session:

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