Are you ready for transformation? Are you looking to take the handbrake off in your life?
I am a multidimensional energetic worker. I believe that life is all about growth so I support people when they are ready for change in their own lives, working to empower them with the tools and the energetics to take that next right step.

My approach is transparent, led by you and completely consensual. I explain each step as we go, essential when I am working intuitively to keep all parts of you safe and engaged in the process.

I always start with grounding and work from there, with my drum and the Team of beings that support this work.

You will leave feeling aligned, energised and with a new sense of clarity and purpose. This work is powerful and focuses on building new possibilities and opportunities for joy, play and creativity.

I offer the following tailored supports and sessions for individuals and groups:

  • Intuitive Healing
  • Shamanic Processes
  • Breathwork
  • Akashic Activations
  • Clearing land / homes / energetic fields
  • Processes to honor significant dates and events

I am based in Hawke’s Bay but happily work in other areas and online when needed. Contact me to request a session or group process.

Clare Babbage