I offer multi-dimensional energy healing and DNA activations as I channel Codes of Light from Source, known as languages of the Light. As a Sound Healer I offer multi-dimensional energy healing and DNA activations as I transmit Codes of Light from Source, known as  Languages of the Light.

Sound healing is believed to be the wave of the future for the New Earth, and is especially potent when combined with the languages of Light.

Everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. And this means every part of you — including your organs, bones, tissues, even the fluid in your cells — has an optimal vibration known as “resonant frequency.”

Using sound with intention sends healing messages to our brain and body – enabling us to avoid overthinking and make profound changes on a cellular level.

When you combine the power of intention with the frequencies of Light Language, true magic happens.

In a Light Language transmission, a person uses Light Languages as a tool for reprogramming your energetic field for a specific purpose. It can be a flow of love, abundance, vitality, healing, creativity — you name it.

During transmission Light Language is used as a coding device for energy to work deep beyond the levels of conscious, or even subconscious mind, and to repair or rewire energetic patterns that may be negatively affecting your day to day life.

You will feel re-balanced, re-connected and re-energised.

I also offer a clearing protocol that has proven very effective, for anyone affected by energetic and physical symptoms after either receiving the C19 vaccine or from energetic shedding. More information is available on my website and all sessions can be held online over zoom.

Denise Prendergast

FB: @soundalchemy