In our beautiful rural environment at Waitetuna Valley, we offer healthy connection with clients’ deeper selves in one-on-one sessions and in small groups. 

The Equine Assisted Therapy modality, which is both new and been around for as long as humans and horses have shared space, is a counselling process enhanced by wise and gentle souls who generously offer their presence and healing. 

Our horses model healthy ways of being, sharing their natural and ancient wisdom while they take clients on a journey of self-discovery and deep connection. 

Because horses process everything they experience within the present moment they teach a healthier way of being as they become our spiritual teachers. 

Experiencing horse wisdom is truly transformative as they mirror our true emotional and somatic states of being and provide a dynamic external focus to the therapeutic process. 

Through the Equine Assisted processes, horses lead people to a level of emotional stability and spiritual knowing that is otherwise rarely accessible.

– Sue and Sarah

Earthhorse Aotearoa
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