A Clairvoyant Numerologist, Counsellor & Coach, I shine the light on opportunities! For over 12 years, it’s been my passion and privilege to help people release uncertainty about their direction. To become empowered and motivated, therefore being able to navigate change and challenges easier.

I offer a package of audio Readings with Coaching, conveniently sent by email, so you can listen when it suits you and take it all in.

I call on a powerful combination of my intuitive abilities, wellness skills and educational experience during your reading as required, such as:

Numerology, personality profiling, psychology, writing analysis, clairvoyance, psychic ability or mediumship, spiritual teaching, oracle cards, shadow work integration as a technique, the emotional/ physical health connection, the law of vibration, mindfulness, manifestation, holistic health therapies and stress management strategies.

I’m here to bring forward beautiful transformational guidance for you, whether it’s about love and relationships, work, health or finding your meaningful purpose or direction.

It’s proactive advice that tells you where to start and how to move forward positively. Guidance plus ideas, tools and techniques that can help you find more harmony with your questions, or to know how to seek healing and other services that may also help. The greatest act of love, is in fact, your own self care. If you’re ready to finally feel relief and peace…let’s connect!

Deb Casey

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