“Listen to the Universe and let it be your guide.”

What a phenomenal experience! A combined ThetaHealing & The Journey session which was facilitated by Alan from Lovelight Holistic Health over zoom late February.

The first part was the ThetaHealing which enabled removal of not only limiting conscious beliefs, but also deep ones that I know don’t budge very easily, yet Alan and I clearly witnessed shifts occurring after receiving improved well- honed beliefs made perfect for me. So exciting!

The next and longer part of the session was The Journey when Alan skilfully led me all the way within a well-structured and sensitive process. I experienced the release of deep emotions such as sadness, grief and anger, including some burdens I didn’t realise I was still carrying. An intense love also swelled up to be expressed.

All the while Alan held space for me, never giving any inkling of ‘gosh I wish she’d hurry up’, as I was invited along an incredibly powerful, thorough yet gentle process. My emotions were raw and my voice welcomed expression in this safe space.

This experience was profound and I wonder with eager anticipation how these changes are going to manifest in my life!

Q&A with Alan Willoughby

What services do you offer?

ThetaHealing and The Journey techniques to provide a wide range of mainly emotional and physical healing.

The most common would be overcoming grief, sadness, anger, remorse and emotional loss; and physical pain, damaged body parts and loss

of abilities; and overcoming limitations such as learning difficulties, low self esteem, feelings of inadequacy, etc.

Sessions start with testing and changing, where necessary, deeply held beliefs, which allows you to release stored emotions during the second part of the session, which is a full designer Journey process which goes wherever it needs to go.

Why is this work so important to you?

I believe that everything we experience is in order to provide us with opportunities to learn what it is that we choose to learn each time around. To learn to respond to adverse situations in a positive manner.

I feel it is important to convey this message to people who are suffering.

Also I enjoy teaching and hopefully provide an example in my own life of how people can live in a way that is wholesome, enjoyable and free.

How did your interest in holistic healing begin?

Through experiences that caused me to question the dominant philosophies of allopathic medicine, including a back injury from a falling rock, and later on, insecticide poisoning from a horticulture teaching job, from insecticides that had been used in the greenhouse the previous year. In both conditions the doctors couldn’t help me with recovery.

There was an excellent bookshop which had a section for healing books. On several occasions just the perfect book would fall off the shelf in front of me – the Universe was doing the selection, although I probably wasn’t aware of that then.

I also explored different modalities including homeopathy and herbalism, and then heard about and read ‘The Journey’ by Brandon Bays. It was amazing. I then attended a Journey course and was totally transformed.

I became a practitioner, and offered Journey therapy for about 2 years, and then I had a feeling that there was something more, so I asked the Universe ‘What next?’.

About 2 weeks later I received an email from a ThetaHealing Instructor, who invited me onto 3 courses. I booked on the first course. It was amazing, enabling healing to happen almost instantly.

At the end of the course, I booked on the other 2 courses and thanked the instructor for sending me the email.

‘What email?’ they replied, ‘I had never heard of you until you contacted me.’

I told them about receiving the email, how my wife had read it and how I had saved it. They asked me to send them a copy, but when I checked the computer, it was not there. I have found that the Universe can easily influence electronics.

How do you overcome obstacles?

I simply ask the Universe what I need to do or even just ask it to do it for me. Works very well, but sometimes it doesn’t seem so at the time.

Who should seek your services?

Everyone who feels drawn. When a person needs the healing that I can provide, I am certain that they will be guided to me.

Could you share a well-being tip?

Trust the Universe. This means that if you’re trying to do something and it seems that obstacles keep appearing, you’re probably not meant to do it. So listen to the Universe and let it be your guide.

And if you want something, ask the Universe for it. However, you must be prepared to accept what the Universe provides, which may be very different from what you expect.

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

Only one thing?

If I had I followed the advice I would offer, I would not have followed the course I did and would possibly not have learnt what I learnt.

“Listen to your gut.”

However, some of the major learnings I have received have occurred because I didn’t.

So I guess I’d tell my younger self: “Welcome to life; enjoy the ride”

– Experience by Di Scurr; Q&A by Carina