“Find the truth to your own answers that lay deep within your heart.”

My past life regressions were phenomenal! I have never experienced anything like this in my life. 

Even though it was over Zoom it felt like Crystal was in the room with me the whole time.

The session began with a quick chat to see if I had any questions. I had already received an informative youtube video from Crystal a few days before. This video told me what to expect and how best to prepare for the regression so I felt ready to go. 

Cosy on the floor wrapped in blankets, I was nervous and excited to experience whatever past lives would reveal themselves to me. The session began with a deep relaxation meditation exercise. I had earphones in and my eyes closed as Crystal guided me into a deeply relaxed state. 

She then started the process of preparing for the past life regression by talking me through a visualisation of a beautiful garden, a path, a sacred room and an old tree. These were all cues to begin my journey into the different ‘doors’ to my past lives.  

Once the first life was revealed to me, after communing with my higher self, all nervousness of this experience was gone. I felt completely at ease during the process and being online did not diminish the experience at all. I was easily able to communicate what I was seeing and feeling. 

I was lucky enough to experience two profound past life regressions during the session. Each with a different experience guided by Crystal. During the second regression Crystal supported me and helped me to release the cords that bound me to that life and to see that person through the transition into the “light”. 

This was done through the cutting of cords, through clearing parts of my body that had pain and untying the knots of my past life within my body. Crystal called on her arch angels and guides, my spirit guides and combined her healing energy with my own. 

After the session I had the best night’s sleep I have had all week and felt like weight has been lifted. No longer carrying around the burdens from other lives, I feel like I have permission to be myself. This was truly an incredible experience which I would highly recommend to all.

Q&A with Crystal Lee

Describe what services you offer?

As an intuitive multi dimensional healer and spiritual empowerment Coach, I definitely find myself wearing many hats however to start with I am based in Hamilton where I have a beautiful healing studio and work either online or in person with both children and adults on all levels.

I am really focussed on healing the root cause of our blocks & wounds that have been holding you back from living your most soul-aligned life, and in doing so supporting you to create space within yourself to allow more love to flow through – and to empower you with tools and awareness so that you can then step into being your own best healer.

As we journey together what may arise from these blocks could be from this life time through childhood, past life or even ancestral, generational or karmic imprints.

This journey helps you with physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects in your life.

I do this through the following sessions:

  • Holistic Healing sessions (these sessions generally combine Reiki and light coded healings, relaxation and nervous system support, and working with the subconscious and energetic body)
  • Children’s sessions – Interactive, empowering and healing and great insight for parents
  • Past life and Inner child regression healings – Deep healing and transformational
  • Coaching and in-depth 1:1 healing programs – This is where we can really work on many things and make more progress
  • Spiritual empowerment mentor and Reiki Master/ Teacher  – I am often running Reiki courses, spiritual workshops and online training

Why is this work so important to you? 

Because it’s my soul’s purpose and I am here to help bring love into this world, raise the vibration, and support you to remember the truth of who you really are within. When we wake up to that truth, everything else around us starts to change, including healing this earth.

Could you tell us about how your interest in holistic healing began?

Since I was a child I was very spiritually connected and sensitive, I was also always trying to find ways to help others, animals, the world, you name it. So for me as an empath it was always about love, and how I could be of service.

If a younger me was told I would be doing what I am now I would have said “That is amazing! I wish but that sounds more like a dream”. Throughout life however my soul lovingly illuminated my soul path before me, and even at my darkest times I kept looking for that light until I finally reached this beautiful destination.

What obstacles did you face to get to where you are now and how did you overcome them?

I guess, like many, fear was a big one. I was so fearful of being “seen” both in the world and in a spiritual sense, along with a subconscious fear that something bad would happen to me. Doing the inner work, looking at the stuff that made me “uncomfortable” and facing those fears head on was the catalyst to change. As I delved into where the possible root cause may be, I went on many journeys through my inner child, past lives and ancestral lines so I could learn, release and heal and alchemize which was a major aspect in facing this.

All in all I have to say that continuing to make that choice to connect with my heart centre, love myself and open it to receive the love and support from my guardian angel, spiritual team, Archangels, Ascended masters and the divine universe is the number one thing that has changed it all.

I believe we are never given anything we cannot handle and are much stronger than we realise.

Who would you recommend come to see you for a session?

If you feel called to do so, or I resonate with you, then that is your answer right there. Regardless what you are coming to me for, we have been brought together for a reason, divinely guided. So whether you are coming for physical, mental, spiritual or emotional healing and growth, I lovingly hold space for all. There is nothing you have to know, do or believe – just have an open mind.

A time to quiet the outside world where you can “just be” as you fill your cup and feel cocooned in love.

If you are ready to make changes in your life, to do the inner work while being supported and guided with tools and higher perspectives, and most of all connecting with the truth of who you really are within, then I am here to help you to do just that. When you heal yourself you heal the generations before and the generations after, it clears the way for you to live your most aligned soul-led life and in turn helps to heal this world.

Could you share a wellbeing tip with the community?

Listen to your body, notice how it feels and ask what it wants you to know… Your body is your vessel that is always communicating with you and it is very intuitive, telling you what you need to know. Behind sickness, pain and disease there is generally an emotional or psychological root cause to be healed or taken action on. Notice how your body responds when it is around different people or environments, does it expand or contract? Pause, feel into your body, relaxing one part at at a time, what do you notice? And what is that telling you?

When we look for the answers within ourselves we will always find them there.

If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be?

Observe, listen and question, act with discernment and then find the truth to your own answers that lay deep within your heart.

– Experience and Q & A by Vicki Shannon