“I can have the life I desire.”

Diane Rosenberg, Colour Kinesiology.

An enlightening, reaffirming and awakening experience! Soul Power colour therapy with Diane was amazing!

Using my body’s own needs and spiritual guidance, a series of four colours were chosen for me that represented my spiritual path. These were selected by Diane using my body’s responses.

Diane asked questions and the reaction of the muscles in my hands indicated which colour bottle to select. One bottle represented my life’s purpose, the next my challenges, the third my progress and the final bottle my potential. A beautiful array of colourful bottles now lay in front of me. I had no idea what they meant but I was keen to find out.

Once the path was chosen, I was given a card with a list of words for each colour. Diane asked me which word I was drawn to and what it meant to me. This provided more clarity on the meaning of each colour. For me this was reaffirming of the journey that I am currently on.

It was a peaceful experience that was both comforting and awakening at the same time. I felt more in tune with myself due to the guidance I was receiving in this session.

After the selection of these truly magical colours, Diane worked on clearing blockages, inflammation and toxicity in and around my body. This was a combination of energy clearing, crystal work, colour therapy and was informed using the meridian system.

The meridian system is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Meridians are the paths through which the life-energy flows through and around the body. Guided by what my body needed Diane used a combination of energy clearing work in my aura as well as colour therapy oils and crystals.

I walked away with a new found peace of mind and the two hour drive back to Hamilton was like floating on a sea of calm.

The final colour bottle that represented my future potential was gifted to me at the end of the session, as well as an information sheet with all the words and phrases that I had said. This was very valuable as I am now able to look back over it and reflect on everything I learned and gained from this session.

Q&A with Diane

What services do you offer?

I work with these therapies – Kinesiology, colour therapy, nutritional/allergy testing and emotional/energy Soul Power balancing. Face to face or online.

Why is this work so important to you?

These therapies are so amazingly effective, as they basically use your own body’s wisdom to deal with stress and encourage your own natural healing ability. I see my clients leave empowered with purpose, free from emotional and physical pain and feeling more positively in charge of their future. I just love that!

Could you tell us about how your interest in holistic healing began?

I have always had a belief since my youth in nature and the power of our intentions to create and maintain well being. When I discovered the philosophy of Kinesiology twenty years ago I knew I had found a life changing modality I would always be able to use and share with others.

What obstacles did you face to get to where you are now and how did you overcome them?

I spent years in unfulfilling and low paid jobs, but continued to put myself through training aligning to my natural abilities. At the start of 2020 in lockdown I had a moment of clarity, which led me to quit my job, trust myself and my desire to live my dream of a balanced life. I am now fulfilling my role in the community, helping those who are drawn to me to fulfil their dreams too.

Who should seek colour kinesiology as a holistic wellness technique?

The beauty of Kinesiology and colour/energy alignments is that it is safe for all people. Anyone experiencing emotional or physical pain are out of balance on some level. Often I see clients who can’t get answers from the orthodox means. Your body holds your answers. Kinesiology can tap into this information and give me guidance, specifically for your needs. The techniques used are sometimes immediate and non invasive.

Could you share a wellbeing tip with the community?

To be a well being … we need to be balanced holistically – physically, emotionally, nutritionally and spiritually. When emotionally stressed, find a quiet space and place your hand lightly on your forehead across the bony part of the skull (frontal eminences). Breathe a few deep breaths and hold for a few minutes. This is a major emotional stress release point. It is very relaxing when someone else can hold these points for you!

If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be?

Never give up on your passion and purpose – .as you will always need them in this magical life.

– Experience & Q&A by Vicki Shannon


– Experience and Interview by Vicki Shannon