“Love EVERYTHING with your heart wide open!”

Kathy Just – Hydrogen Therapy

With a cup of freshly brewed pine needle tea from her property, Kathy started off by introducing me to the Breath of Health hydrogen inhalation therapy machine.

This machine is filled with distilled water which is then deionised to remove any further salts and minerals before it goes through the electrolysis function. The electrolysis function is to separate the therapeutic H2 Gas from H20 in the water to be inhaled through the cannula.

Champion C60WS water drops are placed in the holding cup in the front of the machine where the H2 Therapeutic gas is released. You are not only receiving the benefits of the hydrogen gas but also the C60WS water drops as well.

Another unique feature is the ARP Tech Cell installed on the front of machine. This creates a super conductive ‘field’ plasma from the electrons in the ARP Tech Cell. This is an energy field which is created with the plasma of carbon, zinc, 24k gold and quartz crystal.

Once this was all explained to me, what I thought may be an uncomfortable experience was the complete opposite. The flow of the hydrogen gas was nothing more than a mild, gentle “puff” through a small nasal cannula. A completely relaxing one hour session was all that it took. Once you are comfortable and all set up you are free to read your favourite book, meditate, listen to music, drink a cup of tea or just “be” with yourself while surrounded by the serene beauty of Kathy’s property. Once the session is complete you can have the added benefit of drinking the H2 enriched water with the C60WS drops.

Hydrogen therapy has many benefits and it works on a cellular level. Most of all it treats all inflammation in the body. We all have inflammation, whether we are aware of it or not, and hydrogen therapy is a natural non-invasive treatment that has no side effects and cannot be overdone. It is one of the top antioxidants. It provides your body with more energy, increases blood circulation, slows down aging, and boosts, protects and regulates the immune system to name only a few.

For one hour a day of “me” time it is definitely worth trying and seeing how it works for you to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Q and A with Kathy Just

What services do you offer?

Molecular Hydrogen H2 Inhalation Therapy.

Molecular Hydrogen is a very therapeutic gas which anyone can benefit from, combined with the unique Champion C60WS for even more benefit of optimum health, it is nothing short of outstanding for its health benefits when applied with commitment and patience.

Inhaling Molecular Hydrogen is effortless and something everyone can apply. It is a health modality I foresee being introduced even more in the ER hospitals (alongside Oxygen) because of the immense benefits of bringing the body back into homeostasis (balance).

It has a very high safety profile (we make H2 in our gut), does not interfere with other medications and is pH neutral.

Why is this work so important to you?

Hydrogen offers many, many health benefits and because Molecular Hydrogen is the smallest, lightest element, it has a self-selective intelligence to target areas of distress, i.e. inflammation, dis-ease in the body and set about bringing the resetting of the body.

I commit practice to pure living. Humanity is constantly exposed to so many pesticides, herbicides, environmental, water and food pollutants, etc. One must continually detox and renourish the body to maintain and advance one’s health.

Health is one of our most important investments we can make.

Could you tell us about how your interest in hydrogen therapy began?

I am a committed health seeker and I am very privileged to be working alongside a very enlightened medical herbalist in the USA, with many years of experience, who works with other health professionals and scientists to develop a most unique Technology, Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology (ARP).

Hydrogen is one of the main nutrients used in their Health Range and knowing the benefits now of Hydrogen I am hooked! (excuse the pun).

Their patented ARP Technology is unique to them where they can permanently charge many of their 100% natural supplements with Hydrogen making them bio-active and amplifying the activity of the supplement, creating more effectiveness and results. It is essentially three modalities of Resonance, Vibration and Frequency rolled into one.

The Hydrogen ‘Breath of Health’ Machine that we use, generates a high output, combining the potent Champion C60WS Molecule which is a powerful antioxidant in its own right. Aromatherapy can be used if one chooses as well.

Who should seek hydrogen therapy as a holistic wellness technique?

Hydrogen is gaining momentum in the wellness industry now, which I am pleased to see. Anyone can use Molecular Hydrogen therapy, as it has a high safety profile. The more severe the dis-ease the better Hydrogen works. Its ability to enter deep into the cells and re-balance the cells and organs is quite astounding.

It provides a vast array of benefits including antioxidant for oxidative stress, anti-aging, improves the function of every cell and organ in the body, supports and rejuvenates the DNA for cell signaling, metabolism and gene expression, and much, much more.

Could you share a wellbeing tip with the community?

Everyone is wonderfully unique and we are all physically different on the outside.

However, from a spiritual perspective we are all connected and your ‘I AM’ Presence is ever about you, forever standing to pour to you its Love, Wisdom and Power.

It is free to access and I encourage you ALL to forever access it, then you can all have all the Health, Love, Wisdom and Power you could ever hope for.

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

Love EVERYTHING with your heart wide open!

– Experience and Interview by Vicki Shannon