“We are all going through a journey of being challenged, but also a journey of expansion into our next best version of ourselves.”

As I entered the space for the sound journey, I immediately was immersed by the warmth and healing energy. 

We experienced a series of meditative songs, each accompanied with Kati and Alice’s melodic voices paired with various instruments, including singing bowls, hungdrum, didgeridoo and flutes just to name a few, all transporting us into an inner self discovering journey. 

With every frequency and vibration we were led to a deeper and deeper relaxed state, as Kati weaved in imagery, healing reiki energy, and gave us gentle reminders to remember who we truly are – we are love, light & peace. 

One particular mindful visualisation I found powerful was when she guided us to visualise ourselves on the top of a mountain and watch our thoughts flow down a stream, reminding us to not be attached to our thoughts but to be an observer. 

This was followed by a cleansing breathwork exercise, inducing a state of total relaxation and I felt completely restored and balanced. 

Time seemed to fly by as I dove deep in my journey. It was a beautiful immersive experience, filled with sound healing, meditation, reiki, breathwork and much more!

Q&A with Kati Ludwig

What services do you offer?

I offer a full range of psychological and coaching services as well as energy healing (Reiki & Sound healing). I offer workshops and groups for women that focus on empowerment, self development, self care and self compassion as well as women’s circles, whole weekend women’s retreats, and courses on practical tools to find peace and calm our minds that include energy psychology and meditation just to name a few.

Why is this work so important to you?

My work is important to me!

The intention and purpose is to remind all of us of our inner light, love and power, and to support everyone to step into their power and potential – more and more and more with each breath and step that they take – so that we may live our fullest lives and unfold, realise and recognise our fullest potential.

Could you tell us about how your interest in holistic healing began?

My interest began probably in my teens and early twenties. I am a person who loves travelling the world and have curiosity for different cultures, countries, ways of being, ways of living and getting to know new things. 

I came across yoga and holistic ways of healing from Eastern cultures very early on and over the course of my travels I connected a lot with India and the Yogic healing tradition, traditional Chinese medicine and meditation, mindfulness and body focused approaches. 

At the same time I was studying psychology in Germany. All of that came together and – flowing life like – the pieces of a puzzle I had collected over the course of my life fitting together. My manifestation of that is the Mind Your Karma Retreat & Self Development Centre.

What obstacles did you face to get to where you are now and how did you overcome them?

One main obstacles that I faced – that a lot of people can probably relate to – was self doubt and doubting the path or even the inner competencies and skills. Do I have enough knowledge, do I have enough skills, do I have enough competence?

How we overcome that is the pathway of acknowledging – instead of looking away from these inner wounds is to actually engage with them in a loving and compassionate way.

Who should seek Mind Your Karma as a holistic wellness technique?

People who feel an inner resonance or who feel called to come to the Mind Your Karma Healing Centre and work with me, or anyone who is facilitating the beautiful healing services. They have probably already felt something that was right. It could be people that struggle with navigating life, or difficult decisions, or questions about their inner states of being, such as anxiety or anger or feeling lost or disconnected from themselves or others or life in general.

Could you share a wellbeing tip with the community? 

Now that we are transitioning into Winter my emphasis is having a self care routine in place that incorporates the journey of attending to our needs. This means delving deeper into what are our needs physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and so on. 

Delving into that and allowing that to be part of our day to day life – that could be as simple as recognising and realising I need half an hour to ten minutes by myself to have a cup of tea, coffee, meditation or movement of a yoga sequence to start into my day. 

Or it could be the realisation that I need a few breaks in my day to recalibrate and reflect internally to what lies still ahead. This is a simple tip to stay in the present moment – to keep it as simple as it can be by attending to the needs that unfold right in front of us. Every day is different so our needs are different.

If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be?

I would say wait before you judge yourself and anyone else and remember that we are all going through a journey of being challenged, but also a journey of expansion into our next best version of ourselves. 

Remember that we are all at different stages in that journey. Basically we are all the same – we all are on our way back to light, clarity, and peace – we just walk the path in different ways.

– Experience by Lisa and Q&A by Vicki