“Follow your heart, always.”

Today Maeve accompanied me on an incredible soul journey that taught me to witness the trauma and explore the emotions that I didn’t even know I was holding on to. To acknowledge them and let them be felt and be freed. 

To many this probably sounds scary as we are often taught to bury our emotions and not let them overwhelm us.

The session began with the witnessing stage. Maeve created a welcoming and safe space. This is where I talked, Maeve listened. I was able to share whatever I had been holding on to. It felt like I was talking to my best friend. Lots of emotions came up and through her reassuring questioning techniques and encouragement I was able to identify some deep felt emotions that were buried. 

At times this was confronting and challenging but I always felt safe knowing that Maeve was on the journey with me. Yes I cried! Yes I vented! Yes there was some anger – but all this needed to be expressed and Maeve constantly acknowledged and encouraged me to feel it in my body and express it in whatever way I wanted to. 

The second part of the session was the soul healing where Maeve called in her guides and took me on a healing journey that released hurts, brought back pieces of my soul, and gave me clarity around all of the stuck emotions in my body. 

From a physical level I was lying on a massage table in Maeve’s beautiful healing space while she worked on clearing my aura and releasing pressure and tension along my spine, head and neck by laying her hands on these areas. Physical movements such as shaking and twitching occurred as different energy was released. Maeve also provided messages from important people that had passed from the earth and also provided clarity on the generational trauma that I was working through.

It was a challenging but truly incredible experience to work with Maeve. She gave me tools to take away with me. These included herbal tea blends to aid digestion, tips to deepen my own spiritual practise and continue to release emotions. 

I am incredibly grateful for this experience and if you are ready to go deep and work through the next stage of your evolution, try something new, or experience something truly incredible then please book in to see Maeve. 

Q&A with Maeve

 How did you begin your work?

I began my work as a therapist in 2009 as a Reflexologist. From the very start, I found that my work was deeply intuitive and energy based, and more about feeling the movement of life through the channels of the body, perceiving emotional blockages and understanding the language of Soul as it manifests in the physical body as disease. As a result, I continued my journey of learning through Reiki, Seichim, Magnified Healing, Ancient Lomi Lomi healing & Celtic Shamanic Practices, and more recently Romi Romi, the traditional Maori healing massage. 

How long have you been working at it?

I have been doing energy healing work for approx. 13 years now. When I began working with people, one on one, it felt very natural to me. However, when I discovered my spiritual guides/family and began my apprenticeship with them, this is when I really began to embody the truth, that everything I need to understand already exists within me. This is when I began in earnest, the process of revealing my own wisdom. 

It has been a journey of profound remembering, and regathering the lost aspects of myself. This journey of Soul retrieval has been my life’s work for the last 13 years, both personally and with others. The work involves a deep level of self-compassion which is embodied through awareness, allowance and trust. It also involves the complete wholeness of our individual experience, which includes all of our stories; particularly our hidden traumas. 

Regathering is the next step onwards from understanding trauma, and it’s often the missing piece of the puzzle. The combined energies of intention, compassion, acknowledgement and embodiment are awakened in order to bring a chapter of healing to fruition.

Why is it so important to you?

My own personal journey of healing is consistent and foundational to the safe space which I offer to others. The depth of my journeying and my willingness to experience my own vulnerability, is reflected in my capacity for empathy & understanding, and the depths to which we can journey together within that space.

Which spiritual practices steer your work?

My Soul family consists of Archangels, Ascended Masters and Ancestors who guide my work. I have faith in the energies which arrive with each person, which are so particular to that moment of healing and to their unique path. There is always a great opportunity for expansion and for regathering, and it is a great blessing to work with others at these pivotal times in their lives. 

I also work deeply with Mother Earth, Mount Karioi, with the energy medicine of plants, with beings of the land, waterways and with trees (keepers of our ancient wisdom). 

Who is someone that inspires you?

I am consistently inspired by every person who sits with me in sacred space. Each individual has a story of endurance; of vulnerability and of hidden strength; of the masks and armour they have created to survive and of their brave and inspiring intentions to shed them, and to try to see the world and others through the eyes of their hearts, both despite and because of their own wounds. I feel continuously humbled and blessed to work in this way.

How would I advise someone starting out?

Follow your heart, always. Wherever it leads you there is learning, and no matter the territory you are always becoming. The more you open up to healing, the more interesting life becomes and you will find more and more opportunities to witness yourself and grow. The more space you can hold for yourself, the more you can turn up for others. It’s not a race, and you find yourself racing, then notice that, with love. With loving awareness everything changes, but it has it’s own rhythm. Our innate healing doesn’t march to the beat of our cultural drum… it flows with the cadence of our heart and our blood. So, trust in your body’s language, and take the time to learn it.

What would you tell your younger self? 

Nothing. It was the perfect journey of learning for me, everything in its divine place. 

What obstacles did you face to get here? 

I have met with, and continue to meet with, my deepest pain & fears. I have taken leaps of faith, and have met with the challenges of life. I have come to know them all as beauty, and all the road blocks and hurdles as divine blessings. But the biggest challenge of all in terms of my work has been to take ownership of who I am, in a world where I have sometimes felt judged for being someone who walks between worlds. But this is also my guiding principle and keeps me diving deeper into my Soul territory to reveal and heal more, to keep testing my own boundaries and releasing my own armour, to stay true to my intentions and keep making room for more love and understanding. 

– Experience and Q&A by Vicki Shannon