“Our experiences, especially the challenging ones, are full of wisdom and potential for growth and expansion.”

I visited Simon recently and had a healing session with him in Papamoa, at his Mojo Dojo Chiropractic and Vitality Studio. He was very welcoming, warm and friendly. The room was really nice and cosy with lovely furnishings.

We began with a chat about what he does which is a mixture of NSA chiropractic (Network Spinal Analysis) – a very gentle form of chiropractic healing that stimulates the body to heal itself, and he helps people to become more aware of their emotions and feelings and understand them better, which helps release them. Both help to reset the nervous system to the present moment: a more calm, relaxed and healing state.

I found him easy to be relaxed around and to chat with about the things that I wanted help with. He was a very good listener and very sincere. After chatting he gently felt my spine while I sat on the chiropractic table. Then I lay on my tummy for 15-20 minutes while he applied gentle touches to certain areas of my spine from the neck area to my lower back, and observed any subtle movements in my body. He had said that memories may arise during the session, and guided me to breathe into particular areas, and at times to focus on the present moment.

During the session I noticed myself breathing deeper and also noticed some visions of Hickory Dickory Grandfather clocks in Germany, a Mickey Mouse watch from when I was a child and a cute and very happy little dinosaur from an animated movie, The Land Before Time, which I’d watched and enjoyed when I was a kid.

Simon had mentioned that we can often focus on limiting beliefs, and past challenges and future worries, and that when we come out of survival mode and into safety within the mind and body, and into the present, we enter the realm of multiple possibilities. Often I don’t look at the time for as long as I can during the day to just be without time and to feel more spacious.

He holds space for peaceful transformation, and I found the whole experience during and after to be relaxing and nourishing, and also noticed his intuitive abilities which was fascinating.

Sessions are available mainly in the evenings, and as well as individual sessions he also offers group sessions, as group resonance can be very powerful for healing.

I would recommend a visit as he has such a kind and gentle manner and is very understanding and supportive. He guides your body and mind into an expanded experience of wellbeing, and he also helps people to experience expanded openness and connection.

Q&A with Simon

What services do you offer?

I offer an opportunity for people to reconnect with their authentic present-moment selves. I aim for everyone to nurture more compassion towards themselves. What this means for each individual is different. It can mean healing pain. It can mean addressing unresolved past traumas. It can mean expanding towards the full love and potential that every person carries within themselves. 

This takes place by guiding an open and genuine enquiry, and through gentle touches to very specific parts of the body, initially to the spine. An essential part of this work is connecting to a felt sense of safety in the body which can be accessed verbally, and through touch. 

My work is guided by the frameworks of Compassionate Inquiry, Network Spinal Analysis, and by my own observations, intuition, and flow. The key service whether working with the mind or body, I find, is simply complete presence. I offer sessions from my studio at home in Pāpāmoa Beach, and also Compassionate Enquiry based sessions remotely via Zoom.

Why is this work so important to you?

Our experiences, especially the challenging ones, are full of wisdom and potential for growth and expansion. I find most people carry the burden of an unresolved past or uncertain future around with them for far too long. In my perspective, healing of our world begins with healing of the individual. When we learn to see ourselves with more compassion and acceptance, the world around us changes naturally as a ripple effect flows on. I believe in a better world, because I believe in human potential.

Could you tell us about how your interest in holistic healing began? 

I became interested in the mental-physical connection from the age of three when I first heard the words of The Buddha – “With our thoughts we make the world.” (This was while watching Monkey, a 1980’s television interpretation of an ancient Chinese story called Journey To The West.) 

My father was a doctor, my mother a nurse, and my aunty a haematologist, my grandfather a physics professor, so I was exposed to the Western medical and scientific models very early on. However, I always remember being fascinated with the more subtle and less definable aspects of Being. The opportunity to combine these two interests formally through studying Chiropractic took place in 2003, and my exploration and curiosity continue to this day.

What obstacles did you face to get to where you are now and how did you overcome them? 

I’ve found my own mind is either my worst enemy or my best friend. Instead of trying to overcome my mind, I’ve slowly learnt to befriend myself. The most profound ‘befriending mechanism’ has been Vipassana Meditation. I continue to learn to accept the reality of the present moment as it is, and learn to cultivate a deep love for all beings – myself included!

Who should seek your service as a holistic wellness technique?

Anyone with a genuine desire for change. The work I share is not for anyone who is seeking an ‘experience’ or a quick fix. Real and sustainable healing takes time, consistency, and curiosity, but is absolutely possible and achievable.

Could you share a wellbeing tip with the community? 

Whatever you are doing right now, pause. Through your nose take a deep breath all the way to expand your navel. Pause again. Then let it out with an audible sigh through your mouth. Now, without judgement, feel. That’s it. Letting go of any ideas of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ or anything else – just feeling is healing.

If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be? 

I love you.

– Experience by Carina