I am an acute prescribing homeopath, and what that means is that I only treat acute conditions. Such as colds, fevers, flu, post birth and surgical recovery, etc.

I am teaching a First Aid Homeopathy Course for Mothers, Babies and Children (up to 11 years old), empowering mums who wish to take a more natural route with their babies. Doing this course will educate mum’s how to cope with teething, colic, fevers, rashes and all sorts, that are perfectly normal for babies to experience.

I also assist mums during their pregnancy and birth using homeopathy. I give free talks to midwives, antenatal groups, play centres, mum’s groups. And of course I also offer one on one consultations.

Secondly, I offer Sound therapy, based on the Tomatis method, for pregnant mums.

The baby’s ear is the first sense to be fully developed in Utero. Sound is responsible for the development of the brain pathways, and also assists with the growth of every organ, via the vagus nerve.

The baby hears mother’s voice, through the spinal column, using bone conduction. The sound therapy is the most beneficial activity a mum can do, to enhance the bond between her and baby and to prepare the baby’s brain for learning.

December 2021 update: Recently I have started treating people who have side effects from or an adverse reaction to the Pfizer vaccine.

Noeline Levinson