We are very blessed the RASHA found us and to have available Base-12 Eternal Life Frequencies in New Zealand.

The RASHA is a true scalar-plasma, consciousness-coherence device controlled by the most advanced Base-12 Frequency Collection – organic expansion of Consciousness Coherence frequencies/tones that communicates with your DNA.

The RASHA has the potential to alleviate distortions within your DNA and energetic hologram (i.e mental, emotional, physical, and energetic aspects).

The RASHA Upgrade Experience creates a transcendental self-healing environment, where an individual is infused with restorative information, bathing in super-conductive, highly dense, consciousness-coherent energy fields.

There are no restrictions when utilising the RASHA as it utilises information – all organisms are innately familiar and compatible with higher-dimensional base-12 frequency and Scalar energy.

The RASHA is a meditative, consciousness coherence tool that hemi-syncs, harmonizes the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). When exposed to true scalar energy and base-12 resonant frequencies, orderly thought enhances the self-healing process.

Based in the Waikato we offer various Upgrade package options, either in-house or globally by remote.

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We highly recommend to watch the video on our website homepage, this will give you a smidge of the RASHA’s potential.

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