I facilitate NLP Trainings, Dynamic Body of Knowledge workshops, skillmills, and support gifted beings who are passionate, energy-aware and ready for their next level growth.

Maybe this is you? You recognise the synergy of potency and transformation nestled within you, yet you seem to be missing it (just a little).

You desire to go from blocked and mistrusting in yourself and your gifts to BEing in confidence with superior trust in yourself and your unique talents, gifts, and abilities to live on purpose with your calling.

In fact – you want more than that – you want to be the magic maker, the transformation agent to work with others.

  • Do you fit the following criteria?
    Fascinated by developing your multifaceted intelligence (emotional, spiritual, body, energy)?
    Desire to Reconnect with Your TRUE Magical Self?
    Release your Gifts to be aligned and purposeful in application?
    Love learning and desire to know how to apply generative – learning [how to learn, Un-learn at speed and organically)
    Desire GUIDANCE and TOOLS to support your own process of living life on purpose?
    Ready to shift OLD patterns and RE-code into a new expression of SELF?
    Want to learn how to shift your vibration at a CELLULAR level?
    Desire to be SEEN/ HEARD/ RECOGNISED for who you REALLY are?
    Ready to UPGRADE your impact and effectiveness in what you do?

I offer a complimentary 20 minute Magic Heart conversation.  We can discover if there is an energy match for us to work together.

Karyn Janelle Davis
021 449 823