Over the last 20 years Jo has studied a variety of techniques that have evolved to create a personal body treatment system for her clients that allows them to feel the change within themselves.

The treatments are designed to address the whole body not just the parts. You may be experiencing something that is creating tension or causing discomfort, when we allow space for that residual tension to be released and softened out of the body the body functions better. 

Treatments depend on the individual and their comfort levels. It’s not about fixing something, it’s about making time and space for the body to adjust to its natural self, unhindered by held or recurring patterns of tension.

Creating space in the body through different techniques of body therapy such as Mohala Floor Bodywork, Kahuna Massage, Iwi heated stone massage, Constructive Rest and Hatha Yoga are all modalities that keep the body open and flexible which helps to keep our vital energy flowing.

Jo Sharp of Fusion Body Therapies has a clinic at 12 Wallis St. She also offers mobile massage and Mohala  bodywork treatments around the Raglan region. Keep an eye out for other offerings, Karuna Fusion Dance & Constructive Rest workshops.

Jo Sharp
021 050 6346