Access Consciousness Bars®

What is it?
Access Bars is an energetic body process that helps destresses and clears out what no longer works in people’s lives.

People who receive this treatment develop a greater sense of peace, a release of negative thoughts and clarity of mind to create new possibilities.

Access Consciousness Bars can clear blocked emotions, fixed points of view, percieved limitations and thought patterns that keep us stuck in the past.

Experience the bliss of Bars and Bodywork

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.

Taking care of yourself is the greatest gift!

I studied Reiki to Masters’ level, Access Consciousness Bars® to facilitator level and Blue Star Healing.

The Bars® and affiliated Body Processes® resonated with me and have provided the passion for me to help friends and others.

So, if you have lost your way and are looking for a new path, feel free to come and experience what Bars® can do for you.

If you would like to learn the Access Bars or Energetic Face Lift these are full day classes either weekday or weekend. Let me know your preference.

Perhaps you would like to lie back, relax and experience a session, you can book for a Bars, Body Process or Energetic Facelift session.

My services include:

  • Access Conciousness Bars® Consultation
  • Access Conciousness Body Processes®
  • Energetic Face and Body Lift
  • Chakra Clearing and Balance
  • Quantum Treatment
  • Ear Candling
  • Reiki

Gail Worthington 
021 122 9359