Hello beautiful souls. At Gemini Infinite Light “WE” are about Caring, Sharing, Love and Light for the Highest Love and Highest Good for all.

I say “WE” because I am guided by my wonderful Light Team and God/Goddess Energies. I AM about Spiritual Guidance for anyone in need. Energy Healing, Spiritual Protection, Grounding, Chakra Balancing and Aligning and helping to clear blockages.

Clearing away Non- Beneficial Energies that no longer serve your highest love and highest good. Channeling Love and Light from those who came before us.

Not only for humanity, but all life on our beautiful planet!  Including the many, many beautiful souls still bound to Mother Earth from multiple lifetimes, not only our own but our Ancestors too!

Messages come in many forms and are expressed through songs, words, images, sounds, colours and numbers.

I love hosting share/support groups for like minded souls to connect with, in a loving, protective environment. A network of support. Sharing, learning and creating magic together. Helping beautiful souls connect to, and be able to work with their own unique gifts safely.

In March 2018 I started awakening to my soul’s journey. I have learnt a great deal and grown a lot since then. I AM always truly grateful for this beautiful costume that I wear, for the Love, Light and Abundance in my life, for all the beautiful souls that have come into my life and those yet to come.

Healing the “NOW” to help prevent repeats in the future. Always for the highest love and highest good and with loving grace.

Sending Love, light and Hugs to you all!

Shirley Weller