Hi, I’m Marea Verry the main face of GoodBugs, and a self-styled health advocate. I have been interested in fermentation and nutrient dense food for the last 20 years.

My partner Daniel and I are raising four amazing kids, aged 6-13. We maintain a 50 m2 organic permaculture urban garden, modelled on the Koanga Institute methods and we currently have six hens.

After teaching a class about making pesto from all the wild and wonderful herbs and greens found in the garden, I experimented with fermenting pesto and it became a firm favourite because of its superior taste, shelf life and nutritional properties.

From there, GoodBugs was born. Sauerkraut and kimchi, were added to the product range and now all our hand made ferments are made in our purpose built backyard kitchen, right here in the Waikato.

The team at GoodBugs has always believed that the health of both families and individuals can be changed for the better, through education and understanding.

That’s why we went about creating a company that gives people the chance to change the conversation around health and the things they eat – all through raising awareness about how healthful, and delicious, artisanal fermented food can be.

Our GoodBugs not only taste delicious – they are rich in good bacteria that can help to restore the balance of bacteria in your gut, supporting digestive health and immunity.

At GoodBugs, we’re working every day to build a new kind of food culture in New Zealand: one that has room for mouthwatering, health-supporting fermented foods in every meal, every day.

You’ll find our GoodBugs online, and at the local markets – come along and say hi to our team, and try a taster – you’ll be hooked!

Good Bugs
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