Havening Touch® is a wonderfully gentle, intuitive, self-healing process using inbuilt biological healing mechanisms, very effective for emotional trauma, anxiety disorders, PTSD, relationships difficulties, and low self-worth.

As a Certified Havening Practitioner I bring deep compassion and caring to my clients, gently assessing needs and choosing the best techniques. I have worked as a medical specialist for 30 years so I bring a great depth of knowledge and understanding.

The neuroscience explains how traumatic events get ‘hard-wired’ into a part of the brain called the Amygdala and how a molecular mechanism can rapidly and permanently delete these traumatic memories.

The key to healing trauma is to create high levels of Delta Waves in the brain, which triggers the healing mechanism. During Havening, the brain is literally rewired to remove the effects of trauma. After Havening, you will be able to recall the event but the emotional reactions and stress response will be completely abolished.

The Delta Waves are generated with very specific forms of soothing touch to the hands, upper arms and face. Specialised skin nerves send signals directly into the brain to change the brain waves and the brain chemistry.

The touch can be applied by the practitioner, or else clients can apply the soothing touch to themselves, guided by the practitioner.

My clinic is in Raglan.

– Robin Youngson

Robin – Havening Touch
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