Hi beautiful Soul, I’m Crystal and I am a holistic healer and spiritual life coach based in Hamilton where I have a beautiful healing studio that is safe, nurturing, and filled with high vibe energy!

It is a space for you to just come and be, while you feel as though you are being wrapped in love itself.

I work with empaths and sensitive souls who feel, sense and know deeply to rediscover the love, light and wholeness that has been there all along.

I empower you with guidance, tools and practices, as I assist you with your own inner healing as you grow, expand and uncover the truth of who you really are.

My experience and wisdom not only comes from being a healer in many lifetimes before this one but also from this current time where I am trained and certified as a Reiki Master and teacher, past life and inner child regressionist, level 3 crystal healer, and an NLP practitioner.

I am all about empowering and guiding you in rediscovering that you are your own best healer and that you are here for greatness as your love & light within is the strongest of all.

I would love to assist you on your journey, either in person or online. I work intuitively, offering holistic healing sessions, 1:1 programs for adults and children, Past life and inner child regression, workshops & courses.

The light in me sees and honours the light in you and I cannot wait to see you soon.

Crystal Lee
[email protected]
027 486 4875