Hi beautiful soul, I’m Crystal… and it is so lovely to connect with you.  I feel so blessed to do this work whether it be online or in person. 

I offer  1:1 sessions, coaching/healing programs to Reiki training and courses 

As an official Reiki Master/teacher, Past life and inner child regressionist, Crystal healer and NLP coach, plus a lifetime of vast personal experiences, I use my “tool box” alongside my intuitive connection with your spiritual team, the universe and many divine beings of light to assist you for your highest good, where I focus on healing your energetic body, subconscious mind and nervous system regulation.

Supporting both adults & children, I work with Empaths, Intuitive’s and Highly sensitive souls that feel, see and sense deeply to own this gift that is your superpower! 

I am the healer that guides you to step into being your own best healer.

Like Alchemists together we look for where we can shift the vibration to a higher state, looking for the light in all situations and experiences and as we do seeing the higher perspective and learning from all. 

You see we are never given anything we cannot handle and together with my love and support we journey back to find and release the root causes that have been holding you back from living your best life.

No matter how big or small the more we heal our wounds, those limiting stories and beliefs, we release the heaviness weighing us down, and taking up space, and in doing so the lighter we become. And with that extra space more love can flow in, the happier we are and ultimately becoming the best version we can be for ourselves, our family and the world. 

I guide you as your consciousness rises, connecting you with your intuition, so you can hear your own answers, trusting yourself and back to the place of remembrance of who you truly are within.

Crystal Lee – Holistic Healer



FB & instagram: Crystalleehealer