Mike Jewell is passionate about helping you enjoy optimum health through the benefits of holistic bodywork massage. 

Massage is a powerful healing modality, whether you have a specific health ailment or just looking for relaxation and calm.

The physical bodywork of massage will create space in the body for re-alignment and healing. The para-sympathetic nervous system, responsible for releasing the feel good hormones oxytocin and endorphins, is awakened allowing you to drop into a state of relaxation. 

It is when you are in this state that “dis-ease” in your body changes to “ease” and healing can take place on a deep cellular level. 

With holistic massage, blood and lymph circulation is increased, moving vital nutrients and oxygen throughout the body to organs and muscles. 

Regular massage will help with insomnia, reduce pain, lower blood pressure, improve circulation as well as promoting relaxation and generally increasing your well-being and vitality. 

From his beautiful studio in Raglan, Mike offers deep tissue, mayo-fascia release and relaxation massage using only organic oils. 

– Mike Jewell


“Mike you have the touch and presence! Massage with you is always such a great experience, I leave in a completely transformed state everytime. Whether I’ve been busy at work or my body is needing some recovery you seem to be able to intuitively tap into it and sort out whatever is going on. Thanks so much and I can’t recommend you highly enough!” 

– Andrea Jones

Mike – Truelife Bodywork
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