Mike is passionate about helping people thrive through his holistic personal training approach. 

With over a decade’s experience, Mike’s unique approach combines natural movement, dynamic mobility, and mind-body work to help you build life-long habits that enable you to get more out of every area of your life. 

Are you sitting a lot for work, want to feel more able to do the things you love, want to have more energy, want to focus on longevity, or recovering from a health issue?….. then this training is for you.

As a trainer Mike works with you as a whole person, combining all the elements needed to get you to your best. He will start where you are and work toward your goals in a sustainable way that is fun and super effective.

The training focuses on natural movement patterns helping you improve strength, fitness, mobility and flexibility all in one. Mike infuses breath and mind-body work to leave you feeling energised, vital and balanced.

Mike caters for everybody and meets them where they are at no matter what age or stage. Mike offers One on One or Pair Training in Raglan and offers a free 30 minute initial consult.

– Mike Jewell


“I met Mike through a referral from a friend and found him to be a great guy who really knows his stuff. I’ve had big improvements in overall well-being and made some really effective lifestyle changes which suprised me. My energy feels really stable and I’m more balanced, everything from work to playing with the kids is easier and more enjoyable. I’ve tried a lot of different things over the years and found Mike’s holistic training approach to be really effective with long-term change.” – Mike Moran

Mike – Truelife Bodywork
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