I believe every person is a unique expression of creation, and that every part of us is sacred. The way I work is to walk alongside people as we explore the driving factors behind any mental health difficulties being experienced and address these together.

Since completing Clinical Psychology training in 2012 I have worked with people from all walks of life.

I incorporate mind, body, and emotion focused approaches, and can assist in helping you develop a deeper connection with yourself and your own wisdom through learning how to allow and honour your feelings as they arise with acceptance and compassion.I have also completed studies in the rapidly growing field of Nutritional Psychology.

The understandings being brought forth in this area are paradigm-shifting for mental health! Good nutritional intake and absorption can strengthen resilience to stress, increase the ability to focus and think clearly, bring more balance to emotional states, and help improve sleep.

Another way I can assist is to help you develop skills in practicing trauma-sensitive yoga and/or mindfulness. Trauma-sensitive yoga allows for the cultivation of peaceful embodiment without necessarily having to talk things through (because not everyone wants to talk). This can be a gentle and powerful way to connect with yourself through your body.

If you would like more info about Holistic Psychology, trauma-sensitive yoga, or group education on Nutritional Psychology or Holistic Mental Wellbeing, please contact me.

Crystal Foster
Insta: @crystal_holistic_psychologist