Glenys is passionate about helping people achieve greater wellness and vitality through her work as an Energy Healer. She believes it is our birthright to experience full health, joy and vitality.

As an energy healer Glenys can work directly to correct imbalances in the various subtle energies, or chi, that flow through and around your body. These energies include the chakras, meridians and aura. She also tunes in intuitively to uncover and release blockages at emotional or soul levels that are the underlying cause of the issue you are experiencing.

Glenys began her training in 2000 with Reiki energy healing, and since then has added ThetaHealing, Eden Energy Medicine, Akashic Records soul reading, flower essence therapy and soul dream analysis to her “toolkit”.

These are all tools and techniques that she has learned and used successfully for her own healing journey first. With her original training in Physics, Glenys has a deep understanding of energy from the scientific quantum perspective.

An individual healing session with Glenys typically lasts one hour, and can be in person or online via Zoom. After a healing session clients almost always report feeling happier and lighter, as though a burden has been lifted.

Glenys also runs workshops to help overcome issues such as fatigue, insomnia, stress and anxiety, in which she teaches simple energy medicine techniques that are easily learned and applied.

Glenys Earle
027 207 6412