The body, with its innate wisdom and intelligence, has the tools required for healing and creating positive change – its natural response is to flow, and thrive.

Marguerite supports and inspires. She works with people and animals to assist them to flourish in their lives, overcome challenge, and reconnect with their own knowing. Healing the disconnect within the Self brings about a positive shift of awareness and consciousness.

Marguerite connects with your innate wisdom. She listens and is guided, as the body indicates the nature of the treatment that is most beneficial at that time. This gentle hands-on, and off, approach is unlimited and Light in its nature.

The benefits of this gentle and intuitive healing are many, and facilitate release and change where required.

As a Canine Therapeutic Bodyworker her healing work with animals, predominantly dogs, follows the same intuitive and empathic approach. Gentle releases with hands-on neurofascial bodywork, mobilisation of core body structures, craniosacral and subtle energy balancing. This work assists our canine friends mentally, emotionally and physically, and addresses a myriad of issues, including chronic silent pain – an unseen cause of stress and imbalance in our dogs. Also offering:

  • Connective Distant Healing by appt
  • zoom/skype Dog Behaviour Consultations
  • Gift Vouchers for all Services

Marguerite Marinkovic

Intuitive Energy Healing
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Dog Behaviour & Canine Therapeutic
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