Marguerite is passionate in her calling to create a healing space that assists people and animals to flourish in their lives, and move toward the best version of themselves.

The body, with its innate wisdom and intelligence, has the tools required for healing and creating positive change. The body’s natural response is to flow, and thrive.

Using her gifts, Marguerite connects with your innate wisdom. She listens and is guided, as the body indicates the areas and nature of the treatment that is most beneficial. This gentle hands-on approach is guided and involves all aspects of the body, from the cells to meridians and chakras, energy, oxygen and blood flow in the system.

The benefits of this gentle and intuitive healing are many, and facilitate release and change. Some are:

Relaxation * eases fatigue & lethargy * emotional and physical trauma release * energetic shifts * clarity & focus * balance * optimising function * reconnection * peace * wellbeing.

Accelerates physical healing of injuries * post-surgery & illness * easing and eliminating pain and swelling.

As a Canine Behaviourist her healing work with animals, predominantly dogs, follows the same intuitive and empathic approach. This includes neuro-fascial bodywork, a combination of hands-on release and mobilisation of core body structures, craniosacral and subtle energy balancing.

Marguerite looks forward to assisting you and your animals through your unique process of change and transformation.

Marguerite Marinkovic
Intuitive Energy Healing
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Dog Behaviour & Canine Therapeutic
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