I am a Journey Method Practitioner. I know what it’s like to feel muted, oppressed and enclosed in grief. But I also know how it feels to burst out of that oppression, like taking a huge gasp of fresh air.

That’s why I believe passionately in creating a safe space for people to explore the process of nurturing both body and soul, in a way that promotes wellness.

The more people I spoke to, the more it became clear that everyone has experienced some level of trauma which limits their ability to live life to the fullest.

I’ve also learned that, for one reason or another, most people just don’t allow themselves the space to work through their emotions in a productive way.

I want everyone to be able to experience that “gasp of fresh air” feeling. So, I created Guided by Grace, supporting people to uncover their authentic selves through an empathetic, inclusive process.

A process which empowers people with the qualities they need to release their most authentic selves, gives them hope, and helps them understand that they can move forward in life.

  • The Journey Method can help you if:
    Fear, anxiety or stress is prevalent in your life
    You’re feeling stuck or feel that there’s just got to be more to life
    You’re facing ill health or ongoing physical issues
    Unhealthy behaviors or circumstances leave you feeling depressed
    You’re wanting more fufilment in a relationship
    You’re still searching for your infinite potential

The Journey Method utilises guided meditation style cellular healing. Sessions take 1-2 hours. Appointments are available via Zoom and in person in Hamilton.

Jo Gordon
021 774110
FB: Guided by Grace: holistic healing