Corrinda is the Leadership Mentor at Future Transcendence, who empowers business leaders to unify their feminine and masculine qualities to thrive in their career, health and relationships.

We are living in a masculine-dominant paradigm and this is causing imbalances for people’s health and productivity. People are exhausted and disconnected from their purpose. There is a need for change, for balance, and to embrace the feminine.

Corrinda has worked in corporate for over 17 years, is a certified Level 2 Oracle, Advanced Grace Master Healer and is trained in quantum healing protocols for accelerated life results.

  • Services include:
    Life Purpose Briefing and Blueprint Activation
    Understanding your Name Compatibility with your life purpose
    Relationship Compatibility
    Name Enhancement (change your name, change your game!)
    Baby Name Selection
    Energy Clearing: removal of intrusive energy attachments
    Grace Healing: removal of abusive programming
    Shadow Programming Clearing: removal of vows, agreements and limiting beliefs.

Testimonial: “I found Corrinda’s Life Purpose Briefing very insightful and uplifting. Prior to the briefing I felt lost and was on the fence on making current decisions that were presented to me.

“Things that occurred in my life I now have a better understanding. It has helped me to move forward with certainty in my decision making and also identifying my strengths. I highly recommend Corrinda, she is highly intuitive, warm and has a genuine interest in your profile.” 
– Isabella M, Australia

Corrinda Taylor
[email protected]
027 711 2424
FB: @FutureTranscendence
Sessions available via Zoom.
Also at Infinity Spiritual Centre Hamilton

Meredith – Access Bars
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