If someone had told me I could overcome 40 years of mental health issues in just a few months, I would have said they were crazy – but that’s exactly what I did 7 years ago.

I found this knowledge and insight within The Thrive Programme®.

The insights within The Thrive Programme® are life skills that not only help people overcome mental health issues, but go way beyond that – giving them tools and resources that will help them become the best version of themselves, enabling them to thrive and flourish.

You can find answers to how your mental health really works and what are the real causes behind the symptoms many of us may suffer at some point in our lives. You can learn how we create issues/symptoms and how to resolve them.

Developing good mental health (or thriving) is more predictable and achievable than you might think.

I work with children, teens and adults with a wide range of symptoms and issues like anxiety, OCD, social anxiety, eating disorders and phobias. I am also very experienced in working with people suffering from Emetophobia.

I offer video call sessions within NZ and overseas.

Liz Wilson

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